Jordan Glass for TDSB Trustee

York Centre - Ward 5


About Jordan


I have had the privilege of being involved in politics in some capacity for years. I have had the opportunity to meet heroes, icons, and mentors. And I have been grateful for those opportunities. But fourteen years after I took out my first membership in a political party I have made the decision to put my own name on a ballot for a second time. I made this decision because I believe I can make a difference in the system for the better.

After years of being forced to navigate my way through the obscene red-tape in the Toronto District School Board as a parent of a child with special needs, I came to a clear and present realization: It should not be this hard. Parents should not have to wrestle to obtain the best possible education for their children. That is why I would create a parent facilitator to guide parents through a system that was not built with the concerns of parents or children in mind.

I believe politics can have a positive influence on people's lives. As a trustee I will work with others on the board to implement my five point plan.

  1. I will advocate for a fiscally responsible budget.
  2. I will re-examine the current catchments.
  3. I will recommend that we consolidate TDSB field operations with the city to create community hubs out of our local schools.
  4. I will work to ensure that every child in the TDSB is able to receive the education that they deserve. And;
  5. I will urge the TDSB to create a school audit process, to ensure fiscal and democratic accountability.


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